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Here we are, at the end of a year that many of us would like to forget. 2020 has been unexpected in many ways, but there’s a silver lining in everything, and you don’t have to look very far to find it in The Village. Our neighborhood has always had a positive energy running through it, and this year provided opportunities to showcase the creativity and kindness of The Village Social Committee.

It’s no secret that forming a social committee in the early stages of a new construction neighborhood is unlikely. Almost always volunteer-based, it usually takes time for homeowners to get settled, meet their neighbors and then determine if there’s an interest in organized gatherings. Not so, here in The Village! Since our inception, we’ve had a core group of individuals who have gone out of their way to welcome new homeowners and set up consistent community events.
This year, the social committee has grown to just over a dozen individuals, each sharing their talents and interests in making the Village lifestyle a greater experience. From seasonally decorating the Social House to forming a neighborhood directory (for those interested in participating), and everything in between, this group of dynamic individuals makes it happen.
Balancing the holidays and CDC guidelines has proven challenging but not impossible. Naturally, outdoor gatherings at 6 feet apart, for a limited number of guests, have worked well for the warmer months but Christmas required a different approach. The Social Committee took a poll and realized that there is a small number of homeowners who were either new to the area and/or had no family nearby. Being ever resourceful, the Social Committee went to great lengths to host a Christmas dinner for those wishing to attend, with multiple layers of care and social distance – and a lot of holiday spirit. It was truly a special evening!
We are very grateful to these wonderful volunteers and friends for all that they do! In looking ahead to 2021, the Social Committee is creating more ways for homeowners to plug-in if they wish to. For more information, please contact Janie Vickers at Happy New Year!
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